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Many publishers, businesses, organizations, and others who produce documents and Web sites have benefited from and enjoyed Alice Levine’s workshops. Clients may submit their materials and publications in advance, which allows Alice to suggest sessions that address specific issues.

A review that includes transitive and intransitive verbs, conjunctions, pronouns, dangling participles and misplaced modifiers, restrictives and nonrestrictives, subject-verb agreement
Collective nouns
Who or whom?
Placement of however
By whose authority? Exploring conflicting advice from the experts
The descriptivist and prescriptivist views of grammar and usage

Trends in usage
Specific usage issues: all of versus all; however as a conjunctive adverb; only as adjective, conjunction, adverb; owing to, due to, because of; that as a conjunction

Commas: The basics; commas in coordinate adjectives; optional commas; commas with because; comma splices; the serial comma
Colons versus dashes
Quotation marks and punctuation

What is style and why it is important
How to use a style manual
Getting acquainted with the Chicago Manual of Style
Creating your own style guide
Hyphens, en-dashes, and em-dashes
Styling lists
Capitalization in headings

What a copy editor is responsible for
Copyediting versus developmental and substantive editing
Guidelines for copy editors
Resources for copy editors: Books on grammar, usage, styling, and punctuation
Levels of copyediting
Professional markings
Retaining author voice
Repairing broken manuscripts
Understanding and editing the two systems of documentation (note style and author-date style)
Editing art (figures, tables, captions)

Working with Authors
The author-editor relationship: Basic principles
Tact and tone in queries
Author voice: Detecting and respecting

Project Management & In-house Issues
Evaluating a manuscript and writing instructions for a copy editor
Assessing the condition of text, notes, bibliographies, references, and art; calculating the hours required for the copy editor
Editing on a budget
Working with freelancers

The need for proofreading and what proofreaders should look for
Professional proofreading marks
Tools of proofreaders and books about proofreading
How to find errors in a document you’ve created
Types of Errors
Attributing Errors

Legal Issues in Publishing
Copyright law, permissions, and fair use: The basics

Writing & Writers
General principles of good writing
Some characteristics of effective writing
Passive voice: Is it ever appropriate?
Metaphors and analogies


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